Minor in Archaeology


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Minor in Archaeology Requirements

The Archaeology minor is an 18-hour program consisting of 9 core courses in Anthropology and 9 hours of electives in Anthropology, Geospatial Sciences, History, and/or Religion. To complete the minor, you must take the following courses:

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Social Work

  1. ANT 305(3), ANT 351(3), and ANT 550(3).
  2. Take 9 additional hours from the following: ANT 340, ANT 345, ANT 351 *, ANT 355, ANT 360, ANT 505, ANT 545, ANT 550 *, ANT 555, GEO 363, GEO 560, GEO 566, GEO 569, HST 573, HST 574, or REL 570. ANT 397, ANT 499, and ANT 598 are also applicable if determined to be so by the archaeology minor advisor. 

* These are variable content courses and therefore are repeatable for credit towards the minor as long as the content differs. 

The archaeology minor advisor may approve substitution of relevant coursework not listed here.