Law in Society

Your education in Sociology could help you be apart of the front lines in assisting with social reform by pursuing a career in law.

Many of the job positions available to you allow you to be in direct contact and control of many public issues. From being a Police Officer in your local community to being involved in international immigration relations, you have the chance to influence and the potential to change the world one interaction at a time.

Special duty assignment

Many Police Department careers will offer special duty assignments (K9 unit, special investigations, probation officer) after your first few years of duty. Navigate the department's website for further information and requirements.


Networking is vital when applying for a career in larger agencies such as the DEA and DHS. Be sure to communicate with your advisor regarding internships and careers.

No criminal justice degree required

Most careers in law and policy do not require a degree in Criminal Justice. A degree in Sociology will offer you a unique perspective in any given job listed.

DeVon A. Douglass, J.D. 

Chief Resilience Officer
City of Tulsa
Office of the Mayor

Possible career positions
Organization Types of positions Location

Springfield Police Department

Police Officer (AA/AS)

Springfield, MO

St. Louis Police Department

Police Officer (no degree required)

St. Louis, MO

Kansas City Police Department

Police Officer (no degree required)


Detention Officer (no degree required)

Kansas City, MO

Drug Enforcement Agency

Investigative Assistant (no degree required, exp) Multiple Locations

Department of Justice

Correctional Officer (BA/BS, exp)

Multiple Locations

Department of Homeland Security

Immigration Analyst (BA/BS, exp)


Compliance Inspection and Support (BA/BS)

Los Angeles, CA


Arlington, VA

The Innocence Project

State Policy Advocate (BA/BS)

New York, NY

Juvenile Justice Center

Multiple Positions

Springfield, MO

Position availability

Remember to verify that the position is still available! If it isn’t, don't stop there! Continue to check the organization and our website for new opportunities.