Anti-Racist Resources

Statement on Anti-Racism

Sociology and Anthropology faculty are committed to diversity and will do all we can to make our department an anti-racist space during these turbulent times. We ask all current and potential students to share with us how we can best support you. Email with your comments and your questions.


​​​​​Film Club & Discussion Group

Film offers an important and powerful means of communicating across the range of human experience. Racism, both past and present, is one of the issues tackled by filmmakers from around the world. The Film Club watches a movie individually and then comes together afterward to discuss the people, places, events and ideas with a critical eye.

If movies are not your thing, then consider joining a Discussion Group. Topics are not limited to those presented by film. Opportunities expand to explore specific facets of racism and anti-racism that are not covered well or at all elsewhere.

Contact Dr. Marnie K. Watson ( or Dr. Erin Kenny ( if you would like more information.


Tough Talks

Tough Talks was initiated by Dr. Lyle Foster. The goal of Tough Talks is to provide an opportunity for students, faculty, and the community to share on sensitive topics such as race and inequality. It is currently being managed out of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Contact Ashley Raines, Executive Assistant IV, at or call 417-836-3736 if you would like more information about its schedule.