Faculty and Staff

Anthropology faculty

Dr. Erin J. Kenny

Research and professional interests: Household economics, gender, kinship; diaspora and immigration; intergenerational obligations; women's entrepreneurship; women in higher education; Africa.

Dr. William C. Meadows

Research and professional interests: Indian code talkers; Plains Indian military societies; Plains Indian ethnohistory; Kiowa orthography; Indiana archaeology; Christmas in Japan

Jack H. Ray

Jack H. Ray

Assistant Director for Arch Research

Research and professional interests: early prehistoric cultures, geoarchaeology, lithic analysis, and identification of chipped-stone resources in the Ozarks and Midwest.

Jennifer A. Rideout

Research and professional interests: North American, Historical and Public Archaeology, Cultural Management, and Geospatial Information Sciences, ceramic analysis, focusing on economic indexing to address questions of socio-economic relationships.

Jason A. Shepard

Research and professional interests: Migrant populations and public health; Latin America with a focus on contemporary Mayan groups; the Marshallese and Human ecology

Dr. Elizabeth A. Sobel

Research and professional interests: Archaeology and ethnohistory of North America, with a focus on the Pacific Northwest and Ozarks regions; native peoples of North America; historical archaeology of Native Americans and African Americans...

Dr. Suzanne E. Walker-Pacheco

Research and professional interests: Primate behavior and ecology; medical anthropology; health issues of Latino immigrants; forensic anthropology

Dr. F. Scott Worman

Research and professional interests: Environmental archaeology; geoarchaeology; archaeological method and theory; cultural resource management; public archaeology; Islamic Iberia; U.S. Southwest; Jamaica.

Sociology faculty

Dr. John B. Harms

Dr. John B. Harms

Sociology Program Coordinator

Dr. Tim D. Knapp

Research and Professional Interests: Community-engaged research with a focus on poverty and homelessness; social inequality; racial group diversity; gender and sexual orientation.

Dr. Herbert Rodrigues

Research and professional interests: Violence; Criminology; Youth and Adolescence; Legal Socialization; Legitimacy; Authority; Sociology of the Global South; Cultural Anthropology.

Christina L. Ryder

Research and professional interests: demographic and social analysis; social inequality; at-risk youth; poverty; and woman and children victims of violence.

Dr. Kyler J. Sherman-Wilkins

Research and professional interests: Social determinants of health; group disparities in health and aging; population aging; U.S. health and aging policy; time use; quantitative methodology; analysis of change.

Dr. Abby I. Templer Rodrigues

Research and professional interests: Race, class, and gender; Community-based research methods; Diverse economies; Creative economy; Work and occupations; Gender and work-life balance; Public Sociology.

Dr. Alicia M. Walker

Research and Professional Interests: Meaning-making within intimate relationships; navigation of gender expectations; and social inequalities in education.

Emeritus faculty