Sociology and Anthropology

Center for social Science and Public Policy Research

Center for Social Science and Public Policy Research

The Center for Social Science and Public Policy Research (CSSPPR) is a division of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. CSSPPR offers survey research services for faculty, University agencies, and community groups. The Center also provides hands-on survey research experience for students through both class projects and as hired workers on funded projects. CSSPPR specializes in various forms of survey research, including public opinion polling. While any faculty member in the College of Humanities and Public Affairs may use the Center’s survey research facilities, that faculty member must supervise their project and provide funding for survey staff.

Who uses the facilities at CSSPPR:

  • Faculty conducting research projects that involve either Web-based or telephone survey research.
  • Faculty who want to use a hands-on survey research project for student experience as part of a class project.
  • University agencies wanting to contract CSSPPR for survey research needs.
  • Community groups with survey research needs hiring CSSPPR to conduct a project.

Contact Dr. Lorene Stone, CSSPPR Director, at either 417-836-5019 or LoreneStone@MissouriState. edu to learn more about what the Center provides.